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Luke Links: The "Saints Come Marching In" Edition

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Last night's Monday Night Football game seemed to put Bill Belichick's now infamous 4th and 2 decision against the Colts into perspective. He doesn't trust his defense, and after last night and the fourth quarter against Indy, why should he? For the second time in three weeks, a premiere quarterback has absolutely shredded the Patriots defense. MaPatsFan, head writer at Pats Pulpit, was prophetic when he stated on Stampede Blue Radio that the Pats pass rush worried him. Drew Brees was barely touched by the Pats pass rush last night, completing 78% of his passes for 5 friggin TDs.

Somewhere, one of the original SB Nation writers (a cool fellow by the blog name of Geaux Tigers) is very happy this morning. He used to blog at And The Valley Shook, SB Nation's LSU blog. He was always more of a Saints fan than a Tigers fan, and I always pushed him to write more at the Saints blog. A year or so ago, he quit blogging, which was a shame. He was good. Now, he is smiling and cheering his Saints on somewhere.

Here are the links:

  • Peyton Manning's 31 yard completion to Austin Collie in the third quarter of Sunday's game against the texans was a result of Manning catching the Texans celebrating a hit Dunta Robinson made on Joseph Addai. While the Texans celebrated, Manning brought the Colts quickly to the line and snapped the ball. Result was a big completion on a drive that would end in a Dallas Clark TD, giving Indy the lead for good.
    "Guy made a big hit," Manning said. "I felt like they were excited, maybe celebrating a little bit, so we quick-snapped them, went deep on them right away.

    "That's the thing. You've got to play every play. We know that."

  • John Oesher recaps yesterday's Bill Polian show.
  • Yes, Jason Cole seems to be on a roll, writing yet another inane and seemingly logic-deprived article about how the Saints beating the Patriots means more than the Colts beating the Patriots. Cole's argument is more suited to college football's silly system of gaining points in coaches and BCS polls.
    At 11-0, the Saints are tied with Indianapolis for the best record in the league, one game ahead of Minnesota. But anyone who saw New England play Indianapolis on Nov. 15 will tell you that what the Saints did to the Patriots was scary good by comparison.
    So, using Cole's thought process, by comparison the Saints looked scary BAD after they barely won a game two weeks ago against the current 1-10 Rams. Cole is fast writing himself into a ditch, and his total and complete lack of football knowledge is almost scary. This guy is Yahoo!'s national NFL writer, and I think my spouse (who HATES football and loathes Sunday afternoons because she knows I'm glued to the TV watching it) knows more about the game than this guy. More on Cole from readers like you after the jump.
  • Finally, Charlie Weis was fired. And no; any talk of him coming to Indy is silliness. Tom Moore is a far more accomplished and better offensive coordinator than Weis. I challenege anyone who disagrees with me on that point. Meet me on the hill at sundown. Bring your jousting rod, a helmet, and a six pack of Blue Moon. I'll bring my Tommy Gun and the oranges.
  • Vote for Pierre Garcon's TD catch as best photo of the week.
  • Paul Kuharsky is wrong in thinking the game's turning point was the 43 yard pass interference penalty. The turning point was Indy holding Houston to three points after the first quarter Manning INT.
  • DevilsReject bashes him some Jason Cole brains.
  • Did the Patriots quit against the Saints last night?Our own tenardfight thinks so
  • And finally, Andrew Sharpe of wrote a pretty interesting article on the state of media today, using the confusing and bizarre Tiger Woods car accident story as an example of how modern media systems (like Twitter) are changing the landscape.