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Week 14: Friday Injury Report

No suprises, the only players ruled out have missed significant time, all the newer injuries have returned to practice (minus Diem who is backsliding after practicing Wednesday).


Out: Donald Brown (chest), Anthony Gonzalez (knee), Aaron Francisco (ankle), Adam Vinatieri (knee)

Questionable (days of practice): Keyunta Dawson (3), Ryan Diem (1), Charlie Johnson (2), Robert Mathis (1), Daniel Muir (1.5), Clint Session (2), Tony Ugoh (2),

Probable: Hank Baskett (baby), Gary Brackett (foot), Melvin Bullitt (shoulder), DeVan (shin), Hayden (ankle), Tim Jennings (ankle), Peyton Manning (glute), Jamey Richard (shoulder), Tom Santi (hand), Reggie Wayne (foot).


IFR relays Mathis, Diem and Dawson's strong beliefs that they will be on the field Sunday