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Early morning chit-chat: Howard Mudd takes a bike tour

While you are getting your coffee, nibbling on your toast, and wiping the crud from your eyes as you wait for the game in a few hours, take a moment to watch this outstanding NFL Film video covering the friendship of Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd and Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn.

We all know Mudd is hilarious, with his golf cart antics at training camp to his  fire-and-brimstone coaching on the sidelines during games. But Washburn is equally hilarious, and it is hard not to have respect for him after watching this video, which chronicles the two great coaches' unlikely friendship and a recent trip both men took to South Africa. the trip was a motorcycle bike tour through the region, and some of the commentary from both Mudd and sobering.

Enjoy the video.

Tip to coltsfan723