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Early speculation on who will not play against the Jaguars

There are no injury updates from yesterday. So, don't even bother asking. We likely won't get any injury meaningful information until Bill Polian's radio show later this evening on HANK FM (a local Indianapolis radio station that, for some reason that defies logic, does not stream the show live on their website).

However, if I know the Colts, there are certain players who you just know will not play based on their recent history of injury, including the nixes and bumps certain players received yesterday against the Broncos.

Likely out:

  • Jerraud Powers (hamstring)
  • Jacob Lacey (hurt in Broncos game)
  • Charlie Johnson (foot)
  • Robert Mathis (quad)
  • Melvin Bullitt (shoulder)
  • Chad Simpson (hurt in Broncos game)
  • Dallas Clark (hurt in Broncos game)
  • Ryan Diem (hamstring)

With so many injuries incurred in the secondary, do not be surprised if Simpson, Tom Santi, or Jacob Tamme are cut to make room for another DB, perhaps even Keiwan Ratliff. Right now, only Antoine Bethea, Jamie Silva, Tim Jennings, Kelvin Hayden, and T.J. Rushing are healthy enough to play in the secondary. Aaron Francisco has sat out the last couple of games with an ankle injury, but he is more a special teams guy than a coverage safety. 

If Santi, Simpson, Tamme, or anyone else is cut, don't fret too much. I don't think players signed now to shore up depleted areas will make the playoff roster.

The situation at offensive tackle is also a bit worrisome. Both Charlie and Ryan are hurt, and absolutely need rest to recover from these nagging issues. This means Tony Ugoh and newly re-signed Michael Toudouze might play extensive snaps against the Jaguars.

Regarding Dwight Freeney, look for him to get used on third down only. His snaps will be limited. Other than Peyton Manning, the Colts absolutely cannot afford to lose Dwight Freeney for any length of time.

And then, of course, there is the situations involving Adam Vinatieri and Anthony Gonzalez. Both have been out for extensive periods of time, and if both are in line to play in the post-season, we need to see them start working again in live games. Basicallly, we need them healthy, like, NOW! 

Also, Donald Brown better be back and healthy this week. With Joseph Addai nearly decapitated on several big hits by the Broncos yesterday, I would not be surprised to see him limited against the Jaguars. Addai has cared this running game all season, and now is the time for Donald Brown to prove why he was drafted in the first round.

[UPDATE]: Jerraud Powers' Facebook page gives us an update as to his status (Tip to Z.Pain):

“Just a lil hamstring strain…nothing to be concerned about folks, but we definitely wanted to be safe than sorry. The trainers and staff here are already doing a great job getting me back to 1000%. All your support and words of encouragement certainly does help and I thank everyone of you for following me during this first rookie season.”

Also, for those of you looking to listen to the Bill Polian Show, but don't live in the Indy area, Indcolt18 offers some alternatives:

I have an iPhone and I have a couple of radio apps that I use to listen to stations in Indiana( I live in Florida). One is Wunder Radio and the other is “Pocket Tunes”. I like pocket tunes the best and I use it to listen to Hank FM. Also, PT has a record feature so that I can save the shows if I want to listen to them later.