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Pro Bowl Fan Vote: Absolute Joke

Paul Kuharsky has posted an update of the Fan Vote results for the Pro Bowl and results are disturbing. If the fan voting was over today, and decided the Pro Bowl invites alone Mike Pollak and Adam Vinatieri would be Pro Bowlers, Ryan Diem would be the first alternate at tackle. This while Gary Brackett would be left out yet again, Bethea would be fighting for the 3rd safety spot and Clint Session isn't in the top 5 among AFC OLBs. Brett Favre has more Pro Bowl votes than Peyton Manning!

I'd credit the fans with putting Dallas Clark atop the voting and showing appropriate love for Mookie Johnson (5th among AFC DTs) and Pat McAfee (3rd among AFC Punters), but the Pollak and Vinatieri results makes me think that it's just the IND next to their name that's drawing the votes.

Bad sports journalism gets bashed a lot around here, and at least to me the reason isn't because dumb sportswriting needs to be bashed on it's own merits, it's because bad sports journalism (and bad journalism in general) leads to a badly misinformed public. This is a result of the bad sports journalism that we bitch and moan about.