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NFL Network's RedZone Colts stat of the week: Week Fifteen

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With the Colts defense still only surrendering 16.7 points per game, they maintain their hold on the #2 scoring defense spot. The Cincinnati Bengals (former #1 scoring defense) dropped to third after they were waxed by the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday.

The #1 scoring defense is the New York Jets (16.2 ppg), but if you've watched the Jets recently (and God knows I have) you know this ranking is deceiving. The Jets are minus Kris Jenkins, their best internal run stuffer, who is out for the season. They've benched Kerry Rhodes, arguably their best safety. Darrelle Revis is still a beast and Bart Scott has clearly made a difference with this team. However, their last three opponents have been the Carolina Panthers, the Buffalo Bills, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. No offense to the Jets, but if my team played those three teams one, two, three, they damn well better lead the league in scoring defense.

Also, for the Jets, the three games prior to the Panthers, Bills, and Bucs were against the Patriots, Dolphins, and Jaguars. The Jets surrendered an average of 28 points per game against those teams, and lost all three games.

The Colts are also #5 in yard per completion, allowing only 6.3. Anytime you can limit a team to less than 7 yards a completion, you have a good defense.

Also, I highly suggest you check out's new offensive line stats system. I just discovered it this morning. Anyone know how long this thing has been up? Colts have allowed the fewest sacks in the NFL (only 10). Their "power ranking" rushing right is 19th, rushing up the center is 7th, and rushing left is 8th. The #1 power rushing team running left: The Jaguars.