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A little love to "Hockey Bob" Lamey

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We take a much needed break from the Chris Henry tragedy to celebrate someone that has been a welcome source of joy for many Colts fans: Team radio announcer Bob Lamey.

About a year-and-a-half ago, Bob was inducted in the Indiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame. We did a little article on the event, and the article sort of gave Colts fans here a chance to appreciate Bob, who got his start in Indiana sports broadcasting by calling games for the old Indiana Racers hockey team back in the day (thus, his nickname "Hockey Bob").

Earlier today, the Indy Star published a very nice article on Hockey Bob, providing insight into his prolific broadcasting career and his love for the team he currently works for. Just like Bob himself, the article is straight forward and honest:

Bob Lamey is like the sports fan who calls a talk radio show to vent about his beloved team, which explains why he relates so well as the "Voice of the Indianapolis Colts."

Lamey is as passionate as the people he speaks to during radio broadcasts, soaring when the Colts win and emotionally drained when they lose. He knows he's prone to overreaction but makes no apologies about being wholly invested not only in his profession but in the teams he follows.

"Yes," he said flatly, "I'm a homer."

Check out the rest of the article, penned by the Star's Curt Cavin, for some interesting details about how Bob prepares for games, and how much he cares about the Indianapolis Colts. As a fan, it's hard not to love Bob.

He's as crazy bout the team as we are.