Update 3:Peyton is MVP ,now Dion Sanders is promoting Rivers for MVP.

UPDATE 3: what a surprise now Dion Sanders is promoting Rivers for MVP, first was CJ but as the titans playoff chances are slim ,well now he's got Rivers, he's always lobbying against the colts or Peyton on every opportunity he has.

UPDATE 2: Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, Shannon Sharpe and Boomer Esiason also agree.

So if it wasn't for Peyton ability to score on those come from behind wins this team could have been any where from 9-5 to 7-7 , our defense kept us on many of those games but still the team needed from Peyton's skills to score to get us back into the game a win it , Saints running backs have won a game or 2 and their defense score more points than ours and have really won them some close ones.

So how Peyton is not MVP without a dominating running game backing him up and setting a record for most comeback wins in a season in NFL history and getting this team to 14-0 for the first time in teams history and 3rd time in history of the NFL?

If on top of the stats and all, you say that all of this is being done under a new coach and with out Marvin Harrison, when nearly every Main Stream Media outlook for this team during the offseason and preseason was .500 team at best, makes his case an undeniable one.

His closer competitor in the MVP race should be Drew Brees , hes having a monster year as well, stat wise ,but they have a better running game and his defense scores lots of points to win games add the exotic offensive and defensive schemes being called by Coach Payton and his D coordinator and his value to the team is less than Manning to the Colts.

So for me it will be crime not giving Peyton Manning the MVP this season one more time.

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