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How Would Reggie Bush Look In A Colts Uniform?

Don't even asking me if I'm joking, because I'm not.

As if you weren't aware, the Saints beat down the Patriots Monday night without Reggie Bush. But what does that really say? Is Reggie Bush extremely overrated, or are the Saints just that good on offense that missing a dynamic player like Reggie Bush wouldn't cripple them?

I think it's the latter, and how could you argue with that? The same could be said about the Colts on both offense and defense. Don't believe me? Just look at the injury report.

Reggie Bush is due to make $8 million next season. That's a huge jump from his current $2.585 million he's making this year. And according to some sources, Reggie Bush's days in New Orleans may be coming to an end.

Obviously Florio's comments are just speculation, but I don't think anyone would argue that $8 million is way too much for Reggie Bush to be making next season. So what happens if he gets cut? Should the Colts take a gander at him? I think so.

There are quite a few roles Reggie Bush could assume if he were to become a Colt. Everyone knows Reggie Bush out in space = deadly (youtube him if you have to), and the Colts' need for a dynamic returner for both kickoff and punts is nearing the point of desperation. Would Reggie fulfill this need? Yes, yes he would.

Reggie could also have an impact on offense as well. He's clearly a better receiving threat than a prototypical running back. For Reggie to thrive in an offense, you need some prolific receivers to take some of the heat off of him and force the defense to single cover him or play zone, which works right into his strength.

Reggie Bush could be the Colts' Percy Harvin basically. Think about it.