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Looks like that Peyton Manning jersey really did help Jeff Fisher feel like a winner

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Remember a few weeks ago, when Jeff Fisher jokingly wore a Peyton Manning jersey to honor Tony Dungy at a charity benefit?

The move provoked near mass riots from the Tennessee Titans faithful, with some demanding that Fisher be fired for doing such a heinous act seemingly on par with skinning newborns alive and impaling them on poles around LP Field. The outrage from Titans fans was indeed comical to witness, and it is even funnier now that since Jeff Fisher donned the jersey and stated (again, jokingly) that he wanted to wear it because "I just wanted to feel like a winner," the Titans have won five games in a row and are amazingly back in the playoff picture.

Here are some of their comments at the time:

And this was the moment (10/20/09 11:08 a.m.)

I lost complete faith in Jeff Fisher.

This one's for you, #9.

by Drubaru on Oct 20, 2009 2:08 PM EDT reply actions   11 recs


I don't find it funny

Because after all of the ups and downs and highs and lows and all that I have invested in this team. After the way I felt after that Raven game in January and after the way I felt after that epic beatdown on Sunday…

This? One of our biggest rivals?

Screw you.

I’m done with you, Coach.

Official MCM Hater!

Retire #9!

by gramsey712 on Oct 20, 2009 2:09 PM EDT reply actions   0 recs


The guys is actively sabotaging his career.

He’s practically ASKING to be fired.

Can we PLEASE have a new coach now?


"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

by DannoE on Oct 20, 2009 2:28 PM EDT reply actions   0 recs

You'll notice the comment by Drubaru has 11 friggin recs. Now that the Titans have gone 5-0 since Fisher shrouded himself in he Holy Cloak of Manning, I have a sneaking suspicion that some of these commenters might have changed their tune a bit.

I will give a small shout out to hal41605, who calmly seemed to be one of the few voices of reason in Titans fan nation at the time. As this whole thing was going down, we here at Stampede Blue were writing articles praising Fisher for his charitable action, and (essentially) making fun the people who seemed misguidedly angry at the whole thing.

Because seriously folks, when you get mad a someone doing something good for charity, you really are asking to be insulted and made fun of by the rest of the rational, civilized world.

So, to the Rodney Harrisons of this world, who condemned the act on NBC's Football Night in America by saying the supposed Einstein of all coaches (Bill Belichick) would NEVER do such a thing, and to the Keith Bullucks of the NFL, who looked so very crass and thick-headed for seemingly being "insulted" by Fisher's actions (the jersey was auctioned for charity, delivering $18,000 to a worthy cause), you can all STFU now and kindly bow before the greatness that is Peyton Manning.

Seriously folks, just as Jeff Fisher stated a few days after the "incident," if you are still truly offended by him wearing a Manning jersey for charity, you really need to get someone to remove that long, wooden pole that is sticking out of your ass.

My favorite response to Fisher's jersey jaunt was from the before mentioned Titans resident idiot, Keith Bulluck. Bulluck, you might recall, was the same idiot who thought it funny to stomp on the Steelers terrible towel after a regular season win over Pittsburgh last season. It was an act Bulluck's own teammates were disgusted with. The Steelers would go on to win the Super Bowl, and Bulluck and the Titans would lose early in the playoffs, losing at home to the Baltimore Ravens and a rookie quarterback named Joe Flacco. Bulluck's comments after Fisher stated, "I just wanted to feel like a winner," were typical Bulluck; Dumb and dumber.

Press: Is too much being made of [Fisher wearing the Manning jersey]?

Bulluck: They say it was a joke. Hmmmm. (Mocking) Funny. You know what I mean? Whatever. It was for charity.

Press: Would you wear a Peyton Manning jersey?

Bulluck: I mean, I feel like a winner anytime I put a #53 jersey on.

Some Titans fans were so pleased with Bulluck's comments that they started a drive to send Jeff Fisher a Keith Bulluck jersey with a note attached, reading: "For Christmas we wanted our coach to feel like a winner."



It's all very cute.

It's all very comical.

It's all so very much fun to make fun of.

In the end, I agree with Jeff Fisher. If you are still offended or upset over him wearing that jersey for charity, you're kind of a loser. This sort of means that Keith Bulluck (zero rings, hasn't helped his team win a playoff game since 2003) is kind of a loser, and mailing Jeff Fisher a Keith Bulluck jersey sends a conflicting message from the one written on the note you plan to attach, Titans fans.

[Note to Titans fans: I think we can all agree that now, in hindsight, getting angry over the Manning jersey thing was indeed very silly. I know I personally have gotten angry over stupid things in the past (aka, Tony Ugoh getting benched) only to come back and take my lumps from those folks who correctly told me I was over-reacting. If you cannot laugh with us over just how silly this whole jersey thing was, then I'm sorry if this little post offended you.]