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Colts mull possible return of Dominic Rhodes

From Aaron Wilson at National Football Post:

The Indianapolis Colts auditioned former starting running back Dominic Rhodes today, according to a league source.


The Colts, who also tried out quarterback Shane Boyd today, have a couple of roster openings after cutting defensive end Josh Thomas and defensive back Anthony Madison earlier today.

Thomas getting cut (again) seems to signal that either Dwight Freeney or Keyunta Dawson are likely available for Sunday showdown with the resurgent Titans. But releasing Madison, who was a reserve defensive back and special teams contributor, is a bit puzzling. Though it likely (and hopefully) means that the reports are true that Kelvin Hayden will return to the starting cornerback spot after missing several weeks with injury, the big question is who will take Madison's spot on special teams. It certainly won't be Hayden.

These questions are the only reasons I can think of as to why the Colts would work out Dom Rhodes. I'm on record as saying Dom is one of my favorite all-time Colts. He is a wonderful NFL story, and the kind of player that really epitomizes what it means to be a member of this team. He was an undrafted player out of Midwestern State in 2001, and by 2006 he was working in tandem with then-rookie Joseph Addai, racking up 113 yards an a TD in Super Bowl 41. He is one of the best "diamond in the rough" players Bill Polian has ever found, and his career is a testiment to his hard work, dedication, and determination. Factor in that the guy is flat out LOVED by everyone in the locker room and in the organization, I am not surprised that Indy is giving him a look.

However, conventional thinking among Colts fans is that with Keiwan Ratliff (another former Colts player from last season and a solid DB and special teams contributor) sitting out there after his release from the Steelers a few weeks ago, Polian and company should sign him to bolster Indy's injured secondary. To date, no information has surfaced that the Colts are interesting in re-signing Ratliff.

Dom worked out yesterday, and since we have received no word on him getting signed, it's likely that the team just wanted to work him out in case anything happens to Addai, Donald Brown, or Chad Simpson. Still, with at least one roster spot open, you have to think someone is going to get signed soon.

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