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Peter King weighs in on MVP: It's Peyton Manning

As I posted yesterday, the MVP race is over. Peyton Manning will win his 4th MVP award. With Drew Brees playing poorly against the Cowboys, Brett Favre nearly getting yanked against the Panthers, and Chris Johnson's team likely not to make the playoffs, the award is Manning's. Also, when you add up all the endorsements from award voters, updated beautifully by thebossuzzi, it was becoming clear that Manning will make NFL history by winning his 4th MVP award.

Now, with the czar of football media weighing in on the matter, the award is most definitely going to Peyton Manning, like it or not:

MVP Watch

1. Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis. Played another classic Thursday night, four touchdowns and a pick (through the hands of Dallas Clark), and, barring an upset in the last two weeks, should win his fourth MVP. That's how I see it, anyway.

How Peter King sees it is usually how it goes when it comes to MVP voting. Though we make fun of King for his often ignorant analysis of the game of football (which he has covered for almost three decades), the fact is ole "PK" has a lot of power in media circles due to his personal connections to players, coaches, management, and various media entities like HBO, NBC, and SI. Basically, when PK says "Player X" is the MVP, Player X is indeed the MVP. I personally think King wanted to give the MVP to Favre, but with the Vikings losing two of three so far in December, while Manning and the Colts are currently undefeated, voting Favre would expose King even more as a Favre waterboy.

King plays his favorites, and is a "homer" about certain teams and players as any "unprofessional blogger" or fan out there, but he isn't dumb.

So, as we said yesterday, much to the annoyance of some people who cannot seem to accept reality, despite some who have their own personal favorites to win, Peyton Manning is indeed going to win his fourth NFL MVP award; an award that is much deserved. Peyton has played better, and accomplished more, during the regular season than any other candidates.

Here are thebossuzzi's excellent updates (all contained in the FanPost link below) on the MVP discussion:

Update 3:Peyton is MVP ,now Dion Sanders is promoting Rivers for MVP