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Great Colts of the Decade: 2000-2009

This week, we will be writing a ton of articles on the possibility to playing starters for four quarters against the Jets, Peyton Manning's seemingly inevitable fourth MVP award, Jim Caldwell possibly winning Coach of the Year, and other goodies as they pop up in the news (like Anthony Gonzalez possibly returning this week).

But, I also wanted to take the time to offer up some opportunities to vote on some all-decade Colts players, coaches, and moments. As the 2000s come to a close, it is important to take stock of just how wonderful this decade has been to Colts fans. We have been fortunate to watch teams that we were proud to follow and cheer for. Equally important is to recognize the people and the moments that have made this decade so special for us.

Now, since some categories really don't require voting (Best Colts QB of the decade seems pretty silly to me, unless someone is misty-eyed about the one snap Mark Rypien took in 2001 after Peyton Manning broke his jaw against the Dolphins), I think we can narrow down the fields to the following:

  • Best Colts running back of the decade
  • Best Colts wide receiver of the decade
  • Best Colts linebacker of the decade
  • Best Colts assistant coach of the decade
  • Best Colts moment of the decade (The comeback against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on MNF, the Super Bowl again the Chicago Bears, AFC Championship against the New Engalnd Patriots, etc.)
  • Best "Manning Moment" of the decade
  • Best play of the decade
  • Best individual performance of the decade by a Colts player

If you can think of other categories, toss them into the comments. We'll vote on them just prior to New Year's.