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Stampede Blue named Top Ten NFL Blog of 2009

We all bicker and disagree about silly stuff around here. We argue. We huff and puff. I call people "schmucks" while others suggest a softer tone. Writers like shake n bake genuflect at the Alter of DVOA while others like mgrex03 are only impressed by their own genius. In the end, we are a community. Each of us with opinions, ideas, and ways of communicating them. No one way is "right." No one idea is perfect. 

The one idea we all pretty universally agree on is that this blog, this community, is pretty special. Not surprisingly, others out there agree with us.

Sports Media Challenge has put together a regular index of NFL blogs "using our proprietary algorithm of more than 10 key variables." Their index criteria is available here, and from the looks of things they seem to value content, community, and influence as the key ingredients to a great sports blog. Sports Media Challenge used this criteria to rank the Top 10 NFL Blogs on the Internets, and wouldn't you know it... our little Colts blog came in at #5.

5.) Stampede Blue - An undefeated team an a top five ranked blog, what more could a Colts fan want? Not quite as much traffic as the blogs ahead of it, but they make up for it with a vibrant community and barrage of Colts content. Our team especially likes their respect for quality, unbiased journalism.

Eight SB Nation football blogs are listed in the top ten, including Arrowhead Pride, Mile High Report, Blogging the Boys, Cincy Jungle, Music City Miracles, and Big Blue View.

The #1 NFL blog is Kissing Suzy Kolber, where he of two chins continues to refer to Colts fans as "Fat Humps." Thanks Michael. Have another Cheeto.

While sharing the stage with KSK is kind of like having to go to the prom with your sister's ugly friend, it is a true honor to have our blog up there with seven other SB Nation blogs. Some of these blogs and bloggers, like Josh Kirkendall at Cincy Jungle or John Bena at MHR, started at SB Nation the same time I did. It has been fun to watch their blogs, as well as ours, grow and prosper.

So, to all of you readers, contributors, and strong, opinionated "schmucks" out there who join us here regularly at Stampede Blue, thank you.