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Great Colts of the Decade: Undrafted player

This category was suggested by readers, and I agree that it is excellent. More so than any other teams this decade, the Colts consistently are able to find quality players that are not drafted. Arguably one of the greatest players ever to go undrafted is Jeff Saturday. But, he was brought to the Colts in 1999. So, Jeff is off this list.

However, defensive captain Gary Brackett, special teams co-captain and starting safety Melvin Bullitt, and longtime Colts running back Dominic Rhodes have all made significant contributions to this team this decade while not being undrafted by the Colts. Also, a special shoutout is in order for Nick Harper, who now plays for the Titans. While the Colts have used high draft picks in recent years on corners like Tim Jennings and Jerraud Powers, Harper has had a very distinguished career as a corner despite going undrafted in 2001. Actually, you could possibly make a strong argument that Harper was the best, most consistent starting corner the Colts had this decade.