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Colts place Anthony Gonzalez on IR, ending his season

This morning we blogged about the possibility of Anthony Gonzalez getting placed on IR if he were unable to play this weekend against the New York Jets. Now, what was discussed has turned into reality. This morning, the Colts placed Gonzalez on IR, ending his 2009 season:

"Anthony has been diligent in the rehabilitation of his knee, but it has not progressed to the point that it allow him to return to the field this season," Colts President Bill Polian said. "We look forward to his healthy return next season."

It is very tough to see such a strong, talented player like Gonzo fight all year to get back only to have the season end before he can step back on the field. But, I'm glad the Colts handled things this way. Placing him on IR ends all speculation, and it allows receivers like Pierre Garçon and Austin Collie to settle into their current roles. Gonzalez is only in his third year, and will hopefully return healthy in 2010. But, for 2009, he season is over and we can move on with the crop of excellent receivers currently on the active roster.

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