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2009 Holidays Discussion- Open Thread

For some (like me), tonight is Christmas Eve. For many of you, Chanukkah was wrapped up about a week ago. In two days, there is also the Kwanzaa celebration. In three days, the Day of Ashura will be remembered by millions of Muslims around the world. This is done this year a little more than a week after Muslims celebrated the New Year on their calendar.

Needless to say, December is a busy month for celebration, family, and togetherness.

And because I am a nosy schmuck who likes to know what others are doing, I ask you to please use this thread to tell everyone how you are celebrating the holidays. Are your presents wrapped? Did you have to travel to be with family and friends? If so, where did you go, and how was the traveling? For you Christians out there, do you open presents tonight or tomorrow morning? Are you baking or cooking anything? If so, what?

For me and the spouse, we opted not to travel this year. It's just the two of us and our two cats. We are currently making a gluten-free banana custard pie while sipping some rum-spiked egg nog. We have a small tree up in our living room with presents nearby sent to us by family and friends.

It's a nice, peaceful, calm holiday for us. Hope it is for you as well.


BigBlueShoe's little tree which he loves so very much