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Roster move prior to today's game

So, it seems we've had a lot of roster moves prior to today's game. Both John Gill, a defensive tackle, and the "immortal" Drew Willy, a QB, were both signed to the active roster from the practice squad. It is a bit odd that Sam Giguere was not signed to the active roster seeing as Anthony Gonzalez was just IRed. Giguere is a young WR that Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell have been very high on, and he can contribute on special teams.

Over at Sam Giguere's blog, he talks about how Colts special teams coach Ray Rychleski really likes him, and how "Colts management" told him that he'd be on the active roster soon. This is translated from French, as Giguere is French Canadian (Big tip to GoHorse88 for finding this):

There were many wounds during the last weeks, especially in defensive, and it was impossible for him to activate me at this time. However, it was said to me that as soon as it would have the chance, I would belong to the 53 active players.

Well, this week seemed like the perfect opportunity to promote Giguere. Pierre Garçon is all but ruled out with a hand injury. This means that the only wide receivers active for today's game are Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, and Hank Baskett. By not promoting someone like Giguere, but instead promoting a no-name back-up QB like Drew Willy, people like Adam Shefter are speculating that having the third QB on the roster suggests that the Colts will rest starters against the Jets later today.

I personally don't think the Colts will do that. How can you rest Peyton Manning, but play Wayne, Collie, and others? Doesn't make sense to me. I can see resting Garçon because of the hand issue. That is consistent with Jim Caldwell's view on who to play and who not to play. Jerraud Powers, Keyunta Dawson, and Garçon are all out, and it is likely that Charlie Johnson will sit.

The hope is the Colts will attack this game as they have done the previous fourteen. If they don't, if they rest starters early in the contest, then the home crowd will indeed boo the Colts, and boo them mercilessly. I don't think Indy wants that, and with so many other players banged up, I find it hard to think that they will rest people. I mean, rest them with whom?

Consider this your pre-open thread to talk about Colts players and other NFL goodies.