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Looking At The Bright Side Of This First Loss

Hopefully by now you've vented your frustrations to the point where we can finally move on.  The only thing the Colts and us fans should be concentrating on is the playoffs.  However, until that first playoff game rolls around, let's look back at some of the good news that came out of this week 16 game against the New York Jets.

  • Peyton Manning became the 4th, and youngest, quarterback in NFL history to throw for 50,000 yards.  He accomplished this feat in only 191 games (2 fewer than Dan Marino), which is an average of 261.8 yards per game.  That's insane.  Congratulations Peyton, and here's to many more!
  • Donald Brown made his return from injury today and looked good.  He had a few tough runs including a very impressive rushing touchdown, bouncing off of three defenders.  With Brown's return comes the big play ability in the running game, which is always good to have.  Brown showed off his good hands as well, making a catch out of the backfield for a 12 yard gain.  While Chad Simpson and Mike Hart filled in admirably for Brown in his absence, this is one player that I desperately wanted to see back on the field before the playoffs rolled around.
  • Adam Vinatieri also made his return from knee surgery and didn't seem to miss a beat.  His 22 yard field goal attempt split the uprights and looked good from about 50.  His one and only PAT attempt was blocked however due to a blown blocking assignment.  It will be interesting to see what happens with Matt Stover still on the roster.  Obviously if we have to choose between a healthy Vinatieri and a healthy Stover we have to go with Vinatieri.  Hopefully we get to see a bit more of him next week up in Buffalo.
  • Some of you may not look at this as good news but I'll say it anyways.  The Colts' regular season winning streak ended today at 23 games.  This record didn't really matter to me, well most regular season accolades don't mean anything to me including all that YouKnowWhat and 0 talk.  No one cares about the regular season.  I take that back, I don't care about the regular season as long as the Colts make the playoffs.  I'll take 12-4 every season knowing that the Colts have a chance year in and out to win another Super Bowl title.
  • And in other good news, much to the chagrin of 95% of this readership and Colts fans all over the world, all of the key Colts players left the game just as they entered it; unscathed and getting healthier for the playoff run.