I'm making this a fanpost

Because I don't feel like opening up an 800+ comment post and sifting through it. And I haven't made a FanPost in awhile.

"Look, it’s one thing to lose a game that you tried to win and and had your faults exposed. It’s only by losing while trying that you actually become a better team. Why even show up and have the Jets fly to Indianapolis? Just forfeit the game if you believe that losing, for the sake of losing, is the way to go.

It honestly almost seems like he did this on purpose because he couldn’t handle the pressure. But that wasn’t only a big middle finger to the fans, how do you think Curtis Painter felt? Yeah, I understand getting your rookie playing time in case gasp Peyton goes down, but you just put the kid in a situation where the game was almost a “Here you go Jets!”

Here is the apparent logic we maroons can’t understand : Well, if we go 16-0 like we easily should or could have, all the fans will EXPECT us to win the SB! That’s crazy gibberish. This is what we’ll do; we’ll throw the game so that we lose to a lesser team and everyone will know in the back of their minds that we should have won that game. So then we’ll be 15-1 or we’ll really go out of our way and just play the marching band in the second half and throw the game to the Bills and be 14-2. That way the pressure’s off and if we lose in the playoffs people can’t freak out!

That’s the “problem” with football. The “problem” is that anything can happen on (I hate to use a cliche that they made a bad movie out of but whatever) on any given Sunday. The difference is, playing and having a weakness exposed allows you to work on it.

Think of it like any college class or any sort of training. You get 100% on every assignment, every pop quiz, every test etc.. but you decide to skip the last three weeks of class. (Three weeks due to the first round bye). You pack it in, turn your mind off and just daydream about holding your diploma and getting the blonde cheerleader named Susie away from that asshole Fernando! You have the degree now! Everyone will laud you and shower you with affection and the praise you so rightly deserved for so long! They will bow down like MINIONS! MINIONS I SAY! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

You hunker down into your desk and the professor hands out the test packets. You have a smug smile on your face and you turn around to Susie and keep mouthing “Elephant Juice” to her and winking slyly. It doesn’t matter that your overall grade has dropped to a B or a C from missing the last 3 chapters, you’ve got this. I mean, you got 100% on your tests like it was nothing.

So you start filling in your bubble sheet, your inner monologue telling you how amazingly and overwhelmingly awesome you are. You make up your mind that Susie will refer to you as Mr. Awesome, half man, half amazing while she cooks in nothing but an apron. You turn the page over to the second part of the test and….“OH SHIT! I didn’t know they were going to ask THAT!” Frantically you flip through the last part of the test, only now realizing that you have absolutely NO CLUE what the difference is between yams and sweet potatoes is! None of this makes sense!

You start sobbing into your hands as the time runs out. Hands shaking with tremors or guilt and shame, you hand the tear soaked pages into Professor Dangle. He was your biggest fan, he knew you should have gotten 100% on not only the test, but the entire class if you had only shown up. He doesn’t understand why you’re sitting there weeping like a little girl so he flips through the test book and notices something strange… Apparently your subconscious mind had taken control and clear as day, when the bubble sheet is turned sideways it spells out “I AM A DOUCHE”.

Sniffing back your pride, you wipe your tears away and see Susie chatting it up with Fernando. Totally unaware that the good professor has pulled out a summer school remedial Home Economics form for you. You don’t even realize in your haze of confusion that Fernando taped a piece of paper to your back that said “Punch me in the back of the head.”, until you round the first corner and everything goes black…

Sorry Bill, I know why you did it. And it wasn’t to rest players. All I can say is that you’ve just raised the pressure on the Colts and yourself to win to the 10th degree. That’s all I have to say."

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