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Why blogs rule the universe

One of the great things about sports blogs like ours is the encouragement of varying opinions. I personally respect opinions that are grounded in logic and fact, especially since I am the type of guy who gets emotional. With our blog, we have some very solid, very well-written arguments for and against the decision to bench starters while the Colts were leading the Jets 15-10. These arguments are getting linked all over the Internet universe, and with so many people writing and posting on the blog recently, the articles deserve a special refresher for our readers:

Articles that are pro-benching

Articles that are anti-benching

If there are other articles on FanPosts here and at other blogs you'd like to highlight, please use the comments. Again, our goal is discussion, not to cram an opinion down your throat. Small side note: This decision by Jim Caldwell seems to mark the first time KingRichard and shake n bake have agreed on something. I mean seriously, talk about a hallejuah moment! If there is a positive I personally have taken out of Caldwell's decision it is that he managed to FINALLY get these two head-strong, talented writers on the same page about something. 

Next up, Jim Caldwell will end world hunger, broker peace in the Middle East, and help me find my cell phone, which I lose on a pretty regular basis.