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If you enjoy listening to Bill Polian insult and demean Colts fans, listen to his radio show tonight!

The Bill Polian Show is tonight at 6pm Eastern on 97.1 HANK FM.

We have a FanPost up with the show's widget that lets you listen to the show, where Bill will likely have to defend himself against a very angry and upset Colts fanbase. Will someone challenge him on his comments, which were (essentially) insulting and demeaning to the fanbase? Not likely, but we hold out hope.

Again, we respect Bill Polian at Stampede Blue for his genius as a draft and personnel manager. As a public relations rep for the Colts, the man is a bum; a complete and total bum. If he wants that perception to change, one of the first things he should do on-air is apologize to fans for his remarks dismissing their opinion. Apologizing for throwing the game would also be nice, but I doubt we'll get Polian admitting that error on the radio.

So, for now, I'll settle for him apologizing for belittling and dismissing fan opinion on his and Jim Caldwell's decision to bench starters in the Jets game, even though they had the lead late in the third quarter. I doubt we'll get it, but maybe they'll be some enjoyment in hearing him defend himself against the onslaught. Or, maybe HANK FM wil filter the callers. Tune in and listen.