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2009 NFL Pro Bowl and the Colts

Let's take a much needed break from the exploits of Bill Polian and talk about the Colts players.

Later today, the 2009 AFC and NFC Pro Bowl squads will be announced on NFL Network. Unlike previous years, the Pro Bowl will be played at the site of the Super Bowl (Miami) and the game itself will be played BEFORE the big game. We writers at Stampede Blue have history of making light of the Pro Bowl. Former Cowboys safety Roy Williams, long-regarded by most football personnel people as one of the worst safeties in football, went to to the Pro Bowl for five straight years. Williams is the poster boy for Pro Bowl ineptness and stupidity. The game is routinely blown off by players like Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and others because a trip to Hawaii (the old Pro Bowl destination) is very ho-hum for several multi-gazillionaire athletes.

One of a few players who seems to treat the Pro Bowl as an honor, and who goes seemingly every year, is Peyton Manning; and that's one of the reasons he's the best, folks.

So, even though the game itself is truly meaningless and often silly, it is sometimes nice to have members of your favorite team finally make a well-deserved Pro Bowl. For the Colts, who sport the best record in the AFC, there will likely be several members well represented. Here is my early guess for Colts Pro Bowl participants:

Peyton Manning

Reggie Wayne

Dallas Clark

Jeff Saturday

Dwight Freeney

Robert Mathis

Gary Brackett

Anyone I'm missing?