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Great Colts of the Decade: Cornerback

OK, enough about Bill Polian. Now, we are back to talking about players.

In 2001, the Colts set an NFL for defensive ineptness, allowing roughly 30 points a game. Part of the reason for this was Indy's absolutely dreadful secondary, which consisted of players like Jeff Burris, Chad Cota, and David Macklin. However, after the Colts hired Tony Dungy, the play of the cornerbacks steadily improved, culminating the defense setting an NFL record in 2008 (this time, for greatness). The 2008 Colts secondary allowed only 6 TDs passes all season and held opponents to throw for 188 yards a game.

Since the hiring of Dungy and the implementation of the Tampa-2 style of defense, some very fine corners have come and gone through this organization. Today, we will vote on the best of them. Again, when voting, it is important to focus on how these guys played when they were with the Colts. The Nick Harper we see today with the Titans is not the Nick Harper who was the starting CB for the Super Bowl champion Colts in 2006. The seemingly confused and often-burnt Jason David of the Saints was not that kind of player with the Colts.

Vote below on the cornerback that you think was the best for the Colts this decade. If a player you liked is not listed, write his name in the comments.