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NFL Network's RedZone Colts stat of the week: Week Thirteen

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After giving up 27 points to the Texans last Sunday, the Colts dropped from the #1 overall scoring defense to the #3 scoring defense, surrendering a still impressive 16.7 ppg. Compare this with the Patriots, who after getting destroyed by the Saints on Monday Night Football dropped from #2 to #7. What's interesting is that if the Colts had shut out the Texans in the second half, which they almost did until Matt Schaub found Jacoby Jones in the endzone with 18 seconds left, they would have only dropped to #2 on the defensive scoring list, surrendering 16.08 ppg, just a hair behind the Bengals (the new #1 ranked scoring defense) at 15:8 ppg.

Switching to offense, we discussed last week how the running game has improved statistically since the benching of Mike Pollak and the promotion of Kyle DeVan at the starting right guard spot. The last four games, which have featured good opponent defenses from the Ravens, Patriots, and Texans, the Colts have averaged 4.3 yards a carry. Much of this has gotten done without the fulltime services of rookie Donald Brown, who has shown an annoying "always hurt" trait of late.

The workhorse behind the Colts improved running game is Joseph Addai, who has averaged 4.2 yards a carry these last four games.