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Happy New Year from Stampede Blue

As we continue to finish up the voting for Best Colts of the Decade, the writers and I wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a very safe, pleasant, and fulfilling New Year. It was our pleasure to write for this community in 2009. We've nearly tripled our readership since last year this time, and we've developed a national presence that (for better or for worse) has risen the profile of this blog to new heights.

Our plan for 2010 is to continue growing. As we grow, one of our primary goals is to remember where we came from. The last time the Indianapolis Colts played the New York Jets (prior to last Sunday) was 2006. In the open thread for that game, Stampede Blue had a total of six comments. This past Sunday, we had near 6,000 for the open threads and stories posted after the game.

I am fond of saying that while you will likely not agree with the opinions expressed on this fan blog, you have an open invitation to disagree with those opinions. This is a community, not a place to bask in the awesome glory that is "BigBlueShoe." Write what you think. Write what you feel. Do what we do. In many ways, you do it better than us, which is why our job is not to tell you the way things are; it's to tell you what we think. By doing this, we initiate the discussion. We push it forward. Once this done, it's then up to you to round it out. We read what you write. We take it to heart. Your words both inspire and enrage us at times.

It's called "discussion." This is why (ahem!) blog rule the universe.

I could list off the names of hundreds of you who have been the most vocal, offering strong and articulate opinions on countless subjects. But, you know who you are.

On behalf of myself, Joe "shake n bake" Baker, Colt Homer, mgrex03, KingRichard, and the essential people that make SB Nation work, we hope you enjoy your New Years celebration this evening. Happiness, fulfillment, and love to you in 2010.

Go Colts!