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Colts are better than Saints, says some "journalist" at the Washington Post's Sports Blog

Since, for some of you, I've been so negative with the big media of late, I thought I'd give another Valentine to a journalist who "gets it." Perhaps you've heard of this supposed "journalist." Rumor is he also moonlights at some dirty, unprofessional Colts blog run by unaccountable "weenies" who write under false names:

In a vacuum it's very possible that the Saints are the better team, but placing them head to head the Colts hold a matchup advantage. The Saints have opened 11-0 thanks in large part to a explosive offense and excellent coverage from their back 7. These are great attributes to have, but ones that are much less effective than usual against the Colts.

The Saints explosive offense sits at the very top of the league in passing plays of 20+ yards and has the 3rd most rushing plays of 20+ yards. The Saints make their living on the big play. On the opposite side is the Colts defense runs the Tampa-2 scheme that is built to prevent big plays. It is living up to the schemes ideal, thus far, allowing both the fewest passes of over 20 yards in the league and the fewest runs for 20+ in the league (including holding big play specialist Chris Johnson to 34 yards with a longest run of 8 yards in the Colts and Titans first meeting this year).

It is my firm opinion that this mysterious "Joe Baker" should get in the habit of quoting himself more often when he promotes his Washington Post work. The Internet needs more rational voices flooding the virtual airways, because God knows the rest of us are swimming in a sea of ignorance when we are forced to read this droning madness.

For more WaPo articles from the man, the myth that is "Joe Baker," please visit his WaPo page.

Joe Baker should also now realize that I, and everyone else, consider him part of BIG MEDIA! So, if he ever writes something that we don't like, I shall be forced to insult his work and call him a schmuck... which I've done to just about every other big media writer on the planet.