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The Tennessean's article on Peyton Manning fans in Tennessee

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Gary Estwick of Nashvillie's newspaper, The Tennessean, stopped by during the week to talk about the Titans and Colts on our podcast. Gary also wrote an article for his paper about a significant number of Peyton Manning fans who live in Titans country, and how the annual Titans v. Colts games pose a little bit of a problem for the Volunteer State.

Nashville's Cynthia Kear said she's rooting for the Titans to win at Indianapolis on Sunday, but she's also supporting Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

"Technically, I cheer for the Titans," she said. "But the first quarter, I'll cheer for Peyton Manning. I want him to do good. … I'm not a Colts fan at all."

Confused? Don't be. This is a pigskin problem in the Volunteer State twice a year, when some fans have to decide whether to support the Titans or the most famous University of Tennessee football player of the last century.

More than a decade after Manning became a Colt, the situation still divides families and friendships, at least temporarily. This time, however, the decision could be especially difficult.

The article is a good read, and I recommend it for those of you looking to "gear up" for the game today. The article also quotes yours truly, who does his best not to sound like too much of an idiot.