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Week Thirteen Afternoon Games- Open Thread

While you are grinning ear-to-ear that the Colts are 12-0 and have tied the Patriots regular season wins record at 21 games, take a moment to talk and chat with friends while you watch the afternoon games. Most early games are final, except the Saints and Redskins, which is turning into a thriller.


Saints 33 - Redskins 30 (less than 2 minutes in fourth quarter, Saints with ball) Drew Brees hits Robert Meachem for 53 yard TD to tie game with 1:19 left. [UPDATE]: Saints missed a long FG in an attempt to win it in regulation. FG was short. Game going into OT.

[UPDATE]: Saints kick a game winning FG after getting the ball in OT on a very questionable Redskins fumble. Absolutely crazy game.

Raiders 27 - Steelers 24

Eagles 34 - Falcons 7

Bears 17 - Rams 7

Panthers 16 - Buccaneers 6

Bengals 23 - Lions 13

Broncos 44 - Chiefs 13

Dolphins 22 - Patriots 21