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Line up to kick Melvin Bullitt's butt in Madden 10

Silly, silly Melvin Bullitt. You may be the best strong safety in the league that no one has heard of (11 solo tackles against the Titans last Sunday), but by telling the world your Madden 10 handle, you are opening yourself up to get your butt handed to you!

In case you don't read Bob Kravitz (and if you don't, God bless you), Melvin Bullitt recently confirmed that his win streak at Madden 10 came to a halt last week.

"I had my 13-game Madden winning streak broken last Tuesday," Bullitt admitted. "I was playing online. The guy I played was the Raiders. Thirteen straight, but now I'm going to start a new streak. Anybody wants a part of me, I'm 'wildbull33.' "

OK Colts fans, this means that if you play Madden 10, your new job is to go online and find wildbull33, challenge him to a game of Madden 10, and kick his rear end. When you do, post a screen shot of the final score in the FanPosts or the FanShots.

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