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Jim Sorgi, who has yet to take a snap all year, heads to injured reserve

How a guy who never plays, never takes a single snap in a live game, could land on injured reserve sure beats the hell out of me. Alas, that is what longtime Colts back-up quarterback Jim Sorgi has done.

ESPN's Adam Shefter, via the wonderful web tool that is the bane of all instant information services, broke the news today that Sorgi has landed on IR. Replacing him on the active roster is Michael Toudouze, an offensive linemen who has been on and off the roster since he was drafted by the Colts in 2006. has confirmed the Sorgi to IR news.

With Sorgi gone for 2009, this means the only back-up currently on the active roster is rookie Curtis Painter out of Purdue. Unlike Sorgi, Painter has an arm, and can get the football down the field and into tight windows in coverage. But Painter is indeed a rookie, and if the Colts start to rest Manning prior to the playoffs, we will be seeing a lot of Painter, who is sure to make rookie mistakes throwing the football.

It's worth noting that last week the Colts worked out former Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman. This was likely done in anticipation of today's news. Since the Colts did not sign Losman after the workout, that should tell you what their general impressions of him were. The Colts also have rookie quarterback Drew Willy out of the University of Buffalo on the practice squad.

Tips to Bobzilla3 and Benewfa