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2009 NFL Playoffs- Super Bowl 43: Pre-Game Open Thread


I'm kind of "meh" about this Super Bowl. While I'm glad cgolden of Revenge of the Birds gets to blog his team's first Super Bowl (and I'm glad Blitzburgh's team made it as well over, say, the Titans), this Super Bowl just doesn't have my interest like the past two. Obvious, in 2007, I was VERY interested. We all were. Last year, we were still very interested because of the Patriots, Eli, and the great comeback. 

This year, I'm "meh."

I know many here are rooting Arizona because of Edgerrin James. I'm not rooting either way. The only thing I'm rooting for is for Edge to have a great game.

We'll have more open thread throughout the day. Talk and share some pre-game thoughts. Right now, I say 27-10 Steelers.