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2008 NFL Playoffs- Super Bowl 43: Open Thread


The Colts are in the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay. Tony Dungy is retired.


The sentiment here is that everyone wants Edge to get a ring on his own (sans Jim Irsay's gift to him after the 2006 season). This means we root for the Arizona Cardinals, led by Captain Fumbator himself: Kurt Warner. I personally hope Edge has an MVP-like game. The Cardinals offense was dog meat until Whisenhurt whisened up and re-inserted Edge into the starting line-up just prior to the playoffs.

So, while we like Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin (Dungy discipline) and offesnive coordinator Bruce Arians (Peyton Manning's old QB coach from 1998-2000), we are rooting Red Birds here. We are rooting for Edgerrin James.

This is your open thread. Remember, the drinking game. If you do this drinking game, post pics in the open thread.


Go Edge!