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2008 Colts OT Review


Tony Ugoh

Ryan Diem

Charlie Johnson

Dan Federkiel


There are a lot of elite OT's in the draft, but a lot of teams are looking for an OT early and the quality drops off bigtime after the best handful (MtD has 6 1st round graded OTs, 0 2nd and 3rd round graded OTs. Walter Football ranks 4 OTs as top 10 picks)

Rank Mocking the Draft New Era Scouting WalterFootball DraftCountdown
Micheal Oher* (Ole Miss)
Micheal Oher (Ole Miss) Andre Smith (Alabama)
Eugene Monroe (Virginia) Michal Oher (Ole Miss)
Eugene Monroe* (Virginia) Andre Smith (Alabama) Eugene Monroe (Virginia)
Jason Smith (Baylor) Eugene Monroe (Virginia)
Andre Smith* (Alabama)
Eugene Monroe (Virginia) Micheal Oher (Ole Miss) Andre Smith (Alabama) Andre Smith (Alabama)
Phil Loadholt* (Oklahoma)
Jason Smith (Baylor)
Jason Smith (Baylor)
Micheal Oher (Ole Miss Jason Smith (Baylor)
Eben Britton* (Arizona)
Eben Britton (Arizona)
Eben Britton (Arizona) Eben Britton (Arizona) Phil Loadholt (Oklahoma)
Jason Smith*
Phil Loadholt (Oklahoma)
William Beatty (UConn)
William Beatty (UConn) Eben Britton (Arizona)
Fenuki Tupou (Oregon)
William Beatty (UConn)
Phil Loadholt (Oklahoma) Phil Loadholt (Oklahoma) William Beatty (UConn)
William Beatty (UConn)
Troy Kropog (Tulane)
Troy Kropog (Tulane)
Jamon Meredith (South Carolina)

Alex Boone (OSU) [ranking from: ?]

Augustus Parish (Kent State)
Jamon Merideth (South Carolina)

Fenuki Tupou (Oregon)

Troy Kropog (Tulane) Xavier Fulton (Illinois)

Alex Boone (OSU) [ranking from before he was arrested]

Fenuki Tupou (Oregon) Jamon Meredith (South Carolina)
Jason Watkins (Florida)
Jamon Meredith (South Carolina)

*=First round grade.

If a 1st round caliber OT falls to them, in the late first it'll will be hard to pass him up. A 1st round rookie OT could start at guard as most Colts OTs do early on, or with a good performance in camp push Diem back to the inside or onto the bench/street.