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Checking in from the "Eh!" part of Michigan

I'm in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan; the part of Michigan even people FROM Michigan do not think exists. It is beautiful up here, even in these dog days of Winter. The reason I'm up here is I am getting married, and my soon-to-be-wife's family lives up here, just outside Marquette. Cell phone service is nill. They have no cable. No satellite. Internet is a dialup that runs slower than a turtle on ludes. So, I haven't been able to check the site much, update news, or comment on things. I'm up here looking at possible wedding and receptions venues because we plan to hav our big HEY, WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!" shin-dig up here.

And for those of you who have been through this kind of thing, UGH! The amount of planning and prep for these things is insane!

Anyway, while I've been up here, shake n bake and mgrex03 have been updating things. One update I want to post myself is that Stampede Blue was named by Football Outsiders as one of the best fansites on the net, along with our brothers and sisters at 18 to 88. While Redskins fans still dominate the net with their HAIL SNYDER! mantra, slowly but surely we Colts fans are making ourselves known. Thanks to the great team at FO for giving us some love, and for the excellent stuff they write.

I'm still up here for the next few days, but I should be back to full blogging this weekend. I see already that the Haynesworth to Indy bandwagon is already filling up. I still think that is a pipe dream, but you never know.