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Polian talks about free agency

From the Indy Star (via 18to88)

On the teams free agent strategy:

"You start with Kelvin and work your way down,''

On a long term contract talks for Kelvin Hayden:

"not going well. That's probably a charitable way to categorize it. There's still a long way to go, but I'm not optimistic at this point.''

On what happens if a deal doesn't get done:

"If we had to use the tag, I think we would use it. We're not going to let a good player go out of here because an agent decides that he's not going to be reasonable, and reasonable is relative term.''

A non-exclusive franchise tag would cost $9.465 million, the exclusive tag 9.957mil.

On the possibility of Marvin returning to Indy next season

"It's entirely possible."

Cutting Marvin would clear 6 million in cap space, but Marvin would still take up 7 million in cap space for next season if cut. Indy has every reason to try to work out a deal with Marvin.