Linebackers and Cornerbacks

Heys guys! First time poster here. I`ve been following tons of mocks and looking at Colts boards mocks. Anyways, most colt fans seem to want a DT or WR with the 1st pick. As an avid colt fan and draft nut, do any of you agree that Linebacker and CB seem to be the most pressing need on the defensive side? As I see it, Hagler may very well be gone and possibly Freddy K. Brackett is coming off a broken leg and approaching 30. That leaves us with Sessions, Wheeler whos unproven and camp fodder IMO. I doubt B. Cushing will be there, but if he`s was that would be my #1 pick. I`m not sold on the wrestlers boy from OSU. Next CB may end up be another issue if the colts don`t resign Hayden and not to mention Marlin coming off the injury with a year left on his contract. Tim Jennings is not a starter IMO and Ratliff is a stopgap short term fix if resigned. .tOn the o-side I believe RB has  to be addressed first and foremost. Opinions please!   

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