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Happy Presidents Day: Get ready for some changes

Hope everyone that has the day off is enjoying it. I'm shifting through applications and trying to finalize the writing fellows for this year. My apologies to those that applied, but I had to help get Mocking the Draft off the ground and travel to Michigan before I gave this my full attention.

Speaking of Mocking the Draft, they've posted 22 scouting reports in the last two days. TWENTY Two! Much of our Who the Hell Will They Draft articles this year will rely on Mocking Dan's scouting reports. Hoosierteacher, who covers the AFC South, has begun talking about our division foes. Football Outsiders has also begun talking about the AFC South and the off-season. Here is a bit on the Colts:

Unless he agrees to a substantial pay cut, Blue Horseshoe will not love [Marvin] Harrison in 2009. Center Jeff Saturday and cornerback Kelvin Hayden are the big free agent names on Indy's roster. Hayden might be expendable at the right price, but Saturday isn't going anywhere just yet. Rookie Jamey Richard impressed as an injury sub, but this is not the time to be simplifying the game plan for a kid in the middle.

As we've known for a while, there is a strong possibility that both Marvin and Jeff will leave via free agency this year. Kelvin isn't going anywhere. He is fastly developing into a top 5 NFL corner. Yes, I did write that. Yes, I do mean it. Every year, this guy has gotten better and better. If he hadn't got hurt in the middle part of the 2008 season (because Reliant Field is a garbage stadium with a terrible surface) he'd have lead the league in several categories. He had 3 INTs, 12 passes defended, 42 tackles, and 1 TD in only 10 games. He isn't going anywhere.

And finally, a small, little quote from our friend Peter King:

I sure hope the Mannings are making lots of money for that Oreo cookie ad, which might be the dumbest in NFL history.

Yeah, it is a pretty silly ad. But, it is geared to children, and most ads geared for children are silly. I mean, it is mostly children (and really fat sports writers who work for SI) who eat Oreos. I really don't know why Peter is complaining about the ad though. After listening to his comments about Marvin Harrison's HoF credentials, I'd have thought he'd appreciate TV ads that are dumbed down for the intellectually deficient.