All good things..

Well guys, looks like Marvin might actually be going.  The ONLY mainstream media outlet guy I trust, Adam Schefter, announced that he'll be cut so they can franchise Hayden.  I'll let the emotions ensue, but I do want to point out that Hayden is NOT worth 9.whatever number it is to franchise him.  I'm sorry, he just isn't.  I like him, but forcing our hand in the matter sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I'll get over it, but it'll linger.



Everyone keeps focusing on WR Terrell Owens‘ future with the Cowboys. But the more pressing issues surround Colts WR Marvin Harrison.

It’s no longer a question of if Harrison, 36, will be let go. It has become a question of when. It will happen in the coming days, certainly before the new league year starts a week from Friday, but few are sure exactly when.

But make no mistake: It is happening. The Colts no longer can afford to carry Harrison, who is scheduled to have a $13.4 million number for an Indianapolis team that is starving for more salary-cap room to deal with free-agents-to-be such as CB Kelvin Hayden.

If the Colts were to release Harrison, his $13.4 million number instantly would come off the books, saving the team $7 million against the cap. Harrison still would count $6.4 million in dead money, but more importantly, there would be the $7 million savings.

Plus, the Colts have been bracing for this day, drafting Anthony Gonzalez in the first round and grooming young WRs Roy Hall and Pierre Garcon.

The Colts’ first-round draft pick in 1996, Harrison will finish his Indianapolis career with 1,102 catches for 14,580 yards and 128 touchdowns.

It was a great career. The last chapter soon will be written."

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