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Mocking the Draft, Stampede Blue, and other updates

As some of you have noticed, Mocking the Draft has returned. And this time, our head writer over their, Mocking Dan, is providing scouting reports on players. We also have five writers who are covering specific NFL divisions. Two of those writers are our own shake n bake and mgrex03. Here's the intro post at Mocking the Draft breaking down the new format and content:

Under Mocking Dan's direction, we have also assigned five contributing writers to the site. These writers will cover specific NFL divisions (and the teams in those divisions) leading up to the April draft. These writers may look familiar to many of you. They have been contributing to several of our current NFL team blogs, like Mile High Report and Stampede Blue. Like Mocking Dan, we are ecstatic these talented and hard-working writers have taken on these writing duties by covering these teams and their draft needs. The writers and their respective NFL division beats are:

These NFL division writers will cover the draft needs of the teams in their respective divisions using scouting reports, insight, and other information from Mocking Dan, our NFL blog community, and readers like YOU! We will also have a site Mock Draft with writers offering their picks for their teams. Mocking Dan will post his mock drafts as often as possible.

Needless to say, we're excited about this new format, and fans at other blogs are already commenting on it. I'm excited about Mocking Dan's reports on DTs like Ron Brace.

The work that shake n bake, mgrex03, and myself are doing at MTD is in addition to what we do here. So, you won't be seeing less of us. You will be seeing less of JakeTheSnake though. He had to take over the head blogging duties at Bullets Forever. Our loss is BF's gain. Jake will still be lurking and commenting, but we won't see posts from him until probably next season. His last Know Your Colts History (for a while) was posted last Friday.

Finally, I'm nearly done sorting through the writing fellow applications. Soon, the group will select the fellows. We'll hopefully get it done this week.

So, as you can see, some exciting things are happening. Hope you enjoy the new content!