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Possible darkhorse defensive coordinator: Teryl Austin

As our own monstersbox FanPosted a few days, there is a rumor swirling around message boards that the reason Indy has not named their new defensive coordinator is because the candidate was coaching in the Super Bowl yesterday. That candidate's name is NOT Larry Coyer. The rumor points to Arizona Cardinals defensive backs coach Teryl Austin. Why Austin? Here's why:

Teryl Austin is in his second season as Arizona's defensive backs coach. Austin broke into the coaching ranks as a graduate assistant at Penn State in 1991-92. He was hired by former Penn State assistant and new Indianapolis Colts' head coach Jim Caldwell as the secondary coach at Wake Forest in 1993. Austin also coached at Syracuse and Michigan before joining the Seattle Seahawks' staff in 2003, helping Seattle advance to Super Bowl XL in 2006.

Despite their horrid play last night, the Cardinals DBs did play well all season. We'll keep an eye on this as best we can. Big tip to monstersbox.