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Why Santonio Holmes was the right choice for MVP

Not that I've seen anyone arguing against it but I don't think it's being full recognized how sick of a game he had.

Holmes was thrown 13 passes. He caught 11 for 172 yards (2 for 41 yards total were canceled by penalty), one of the two he did not catch was tipped at the line for a pick, so that is 1 of 12 passes that he had a chance to catch that he did not.

Here's his line with the penalty canceled play and the tip removed

  • 11 for 172, 1 TD, 15.6 yards per catch, 91.7 catch%

and his offical line without the tip

  • 9 for 131, 1 TD, 14.6 YPC, catch% of 90

That is a WR MVP performance. A catch % of 90 while running mid to deep routes (14.6 YPC) is amazing.