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2009 NFL Draft Notes: Colts taking a look at WRs

Regardless of whether Marvin Harrison is cut this off-season or not, Bill Polian made it clear recently that finding his successor is a top priority. You will never find someone to replace him, because one does not "replace" the best WR in NFL history not named Jerry Rice. But with Reggie Wayne established as an elite receiver, Dallas Clark an elite TE, and Anthony Gonzalez molding into Pro Bowl-caliber shape, finding someone who can provide strong contributions as a slot or right flanker WR is a big key. Even if Marvin stays this season, he has played for 13 years, and one cannot play forever.

Knowing this, the Colts have spent a lot of time looking at receivers. Here are some of the guys they've looked at:

With Williams, you are getting top notch speed. With Britt, his 6'4 frame gives him a size advantage. But as we have always said here, speed and size are often over-rated. The keys to any WR prospect are "Can he catch?" and "Does he run perfect routes?" With Williams, his routes seem a little off, but he can catch. With Britt, even with his tall frame, he runs good routes. A possible issue he has is he has a tenancy to body catch. Though, a contributor at MTD disagrees with this:

Britt doesn't really have a problem with dropping passes rather, that’s a consequence of Mike "Overthrows" Teel.

The Colts were spotted at Rutgers watching Britt, and have been at the campus a lot of late, along with the Giants. And at the Senior Bowl, the Colts were seen chatting up Williams. Over the years, the Colts have invested heavily in the WR and pass catching TE positions. Wayne, Gonzo, Clark, and Marv are all first round picks.