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Combine Saturday: Open Thread

You can watch the combine right here

The Offensive Linemen are starting the day. They have early results up already for the bench press from TEs and OL. The 4th most bench reps, 39 (the record is 43) in combine history was recorded by OG Louis Vasquez.

Unofficial results for some of the linemen 40s are coming in. NFL Network puts 3 linemen under the 5.00 second mark (Murtha, Merdith and Fulton).

You can also listen to the NFL Network studio crew while they are off camera.

[UPDATE]: Combine blog is here. Also, just FYI, SB Nation incorporated a rather cool Purdue University blog into its fold. What was once Off the Tracks is now Hammer and Rails. Please hop over there and say hi. All we need now is an IU blog and the state of Indiana will be well represented at SB Nation. --bbs