Colts have released Marvin Harrison

NFL Network is reporting that Marvin Harrison's agent told the Associated Press that his client has been released upon his own request. This obviously isn't the same as the Fred Taylor situation as Fred was released against his own will, but it is still strange to think that the Jaguars and Colts will play twice this upcoming season and neither Fred or Marvin will be playing. That is, if both teams choose to choose not to sign the former rivals. As a Jaguar fan, I can't say that I am sad to not have to see #88 in a Colts uniform twice a year. After 14,580 yards (4th all-time) and 128 TDs (9 against the Jags)(5th all-time), the future Hall of Famer has chosen to move on and spend his last year(s) with another team.

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