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An Odd Twist: Colts Owner Jim Irsay says Marvin Harrison may indeed stay

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And here I thought this was going to be a simple and graceful goodbye. Not so:

The Colts owner insisted late Monday that Tom Condon, Harrison's agent, was "premature" when he said the Colts had agreed to release the veteran receiver. Condon told the Associated Press that the team had agreed to the move after Harrison declined to restructure his contract.

"Marvin and I are talking (Tuesday) at mid-afternoon and we'll see where we go from there," Irsay said. "I'm not going to start talking like he's not here, because nothing's been determined officially by any stretch."

Asked if it still was possible for Harrison to remain with the Colts, Irsay replied, "Definitely."

Either Jimmy is having a tough time accepting the obvious, or he really plans to make Marvin a better offer in order to keep him. One thing is certain: The Colts very much want Marvin to stay.

The oddity of Irsay talking to Marvin directly is he seems to be circumventing Bill Polian, who has been negotiating with Marvin's agent (Tom Condon) for weeks. Polian and Condon go way back, and Big Bill made this clear:

"There was no hardball with this, just heartache."

It is unlikely that Irsay can make a change in this, but the fact that he is trying speaks volumes. This latest development paints the issue in a new tone. I'm now starting to sense that if Marvin leaves, it is not because the Colts don't want him. It is because Marvin WANTS to leave.