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Luke Links: The Post-Marvin Harrison Era

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Photo: NBC

It will be very weird not seeing Marvin line-up at WR for Indy next year. Then again, it was very weird seeing Edge in that red and white Cardinals uniform back in 2006.

  • I agree with 18to88. No one should ever wear #88 for the Colts again. Also, 18to88 should NOT change their site name. The term 18 to 88 is universal to Colts fans. It is eternal. 50 years from now, if someone made a site called 18 to 88, we'd know it was a Colts fan site.
  • Jeff Saturday's agent seems to be using the Steelers to leverage the Colts for a better deal.
  • If Saturday's agent is indeed doing this, the Colts have taken notice.
  • How can you not love Jimmy Irsay?
  • The Jedi Master of NFL News says Marvin to Philly, Chicago, or (ugh) Tennessee.
  • NFL Network's Rich Eisen runs the 40 yard dash at the Combine.
  • AP discusses Marvin's release.
  • Sweet memories- Marvin's awesome sideline catch in the Super Bowl.
  • 1070's Eddie White hearts Harrison, saying "This great era of WINNING Colts football in the state of Indiana will be defined by a few and one of the original building blocks is Marvin Harrison."
  • Colt Play reminds us that back in 2005, people thought Marlin Jackson was a "risk" and Adam "Pacman" Jones was a difference maker.

Finally, because of the Yahoo partnership, and the work we've done getting Mocking the Draft off the ground, we had to post-pone our selecting new writers for the site. I am just now getting back into looking at applications. My apologies for the delay, but a lot of stuff hit us at once, and none of us were expecting it. We will hopefully have our new writers selected very soon.