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The Big Lead not quite accurate on SB Nation-Yahoo partnership

I'm not logging this under bad journalism because The Big Lead is pretty good at representing the truth of a story, for the most part. And I think his recent post highlighting the SB Nation-Yahoo partnership is just an honest mistake:

Remember last month how ESPN scooped up a handful of NBA blogs to be part of the True Hoop network? Yahoo has pulled a similar move, grabbing the SB Nation network.

The Big Lead is citing an article in The Sports Media Journal, highlighting the partnership. But, the way The Big Lead describes the deal makes it sound like Yahoo bought SB Nation.

Just to clarify: Yahoo did not buy us. SB Nation owns all their blogs. I am not a Yahoo employee. I work for SB Nation. Yahoo does not edit my content or tell me what to do. They just publish my stuff.

Yeah, it's a pretty freakin' sweet deal.