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2009 Free Agency: Patriots sign Chris Baker, NOT Fred Taylor- Open Thread


The free agent market's Viagra is kicking in. Here are the results:

Chirp away with updates in the comments.

  • Marvin might be heading to Miami.
  • Very good article by mgrex03.
  • Freddie Keiaho's career in Indy likely over. Look for Clint Session to start at WILL next year with Wheeler moving to SAM.
  • Kellen Winslow traded to Tampa Bay for undisclosed draft picks.
  • Dominique Foxworth signs with Ravens.
  • From the comments:

    Redskins cut ties with CB-Shawn Springs

    The Houston Chronicle has reported that the Vikings have traded a 4th round pick to the Texans for QB Sage Rosenfelds and given him to a 2-year deal worth 9 mill. Which means the Texans may be screwed if Schab gets hurt again.

    TJ Housmanzedeah is scheduled to visit the Seahawks on Friday.

  • Patriots are trading LBer Mike Vrabel to Chiefs.
  • Broncos also got Correll Buckhalter, and are meeting with Brian Dawkins. Can we start calling them Eagles West?
  • Eagles inked OT Stacy Andrews.
  • The Titans have re-signed Kerry Collins. Vince Young's career all but over in Tennessee.
  • Maurice Morris a Lion.
  • Brian Dawkins is now officially a Bronco. Eagles defense is now officially done. Dawkins was the heart and soul of that defense.
  • BIG DEAL apparently going down between Patriots and Chiefs:
    Sources out of New England, have it pegged that’s there’s a "major announcement" involving this KC-NE trade coming at 6 pm EST tonight. Does the deal include quarterback Matt Cassel going to KC along with Vrabel? KC sending a player and possibly draft picks as part of the package? Or is it just the media having fun and messing with the minds of NFL fans?