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Luke Links: Seyton Manning edition

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Note to self: Do NOT piss this guy off.  Seyton Manning is out for blood!

I remember the first time I saw this picture, I couldn't stop laughing for about an hour.  I still think it's the greatest picture of-all-time.  It originated from a guy named Paul "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, who runs Townie News.  He's a Boston sports fan, thus, I despise him.  But that doesn't make him any less hilarious.  I highly recommend watching the following video if you enjoy a good laugh.

Alrighty, down to bidnazzzzz.

  • Drew Brees still has a mancrush on LT.  I can't say I blame him, but allow me to drop a little knowledge on Drew: You don't need more offensive weapons, if your team had anything that resembled a mediocre defense, you might actually make the playoffs again.  Just sayin.
  • Ruh roh, Matt Jones is in trouble again.  It still amazes me just how dumb some of these NFL players are.  So much for college huh?  I think it's about time for someone to get the BANHAMMER!
  • The Bills are a desperate team.  And depeserate times call for desperate measures, which explains why they guarunteed TO $4 million.  I wonder if they realize they still won't make the playoffs?  Oh well.
  • Speaking of TO, I wonder how he feels about the fact that every Bills legend is extremely skeptical about his signing?  Oh, and could someone explain to me what the heck "I beat to my own beat" means?
  • We get it Vrabel, you can catch the football.  So can 5925285925385 other people.  That's just so amazing!  SOMEONE ALERT THE PRESS!  Oh wait...
  • The Titans are apparently worried about that fat guy, er I mean, Lendale White.  I'm worried they might cut him, in turn actually making their backfield better.  Oh please god no!
  • Jaguars sign former Eagles OT Tra Thomas.  That's one less team searching for a OT in the first round.  Maybe one will slip to the Colts.
  • Geno Hayes is the anti-pimp.  This story sounds eerily similar to what happened to Nick Harper.
  • Reggie Wayne loves him some Saturday.  Tip to LovinBlue.
  • I was under the impression that the Philly fans were supposed to be jerks.  I guess I was wrong.